Challenge # 1. Why Should People Visit My Blog?

Challenge # 1. Why should people Visit my Blog…… Because my blog is going to be interesting because, I will put on new cool things every day onto my blog like, Art, Weekly Reflection, Slide Shows, Widgets, Pets, Blog Buddies and more Awesome things, and there are things that people have never seen.

I will be posting about things I have been working at school for weeks, Things I have been doing at home on the weekends and holidays too.

You could learn something that you can do at school for a project. For next term after the holidays or at home with your mum and dad.

Student Blog Challenge # 1

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3 thoughts on “Challenge # 1. Why Should People Visit My Blog?

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  2. Hey Bree!

    My name is Abbey and I’ll be visiting your blog throughout the student challenge.

    Great work on the first challenge! I can’t wait to see how your blogging improves!

    Have a fantastic day!

  3. Cool, Why You Are Going Through My Blog Can You Leave Heaps Of Comments On Some Stuff.

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